Why did Windows Phone fail? Here is the opinion of a former Nokia engineer

 Why did Windows Phone fail? Here is the opinion of a former Nokia engineer

Why did Windows Phone fail? Here is the opinion of a former Nokia engineer


Recently, Bill Gates explained bitterly regretting having let Google develop Android. Today, a Nokia engineer has decided to talk about the reasons that made Windows Phone fail ...

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Many of us were "shocked" to learn of the end of Windows Phone in 2016. When the operating system exceeded 15% of the market share in France, Microsoft decided to stop everything. This decision seemed completely absurd to us, and many of us tried to understand why the firm made such a choice.

Today, a former Nokia engineer has decided to talk about the reasons for Windows Phone’s failure. He worked as a software developer at Nokia in Boston and notably contributed to the development of the Social App. He therefore explains the 4 points that made Windows Phone a failure.

 1. Microsoft underestimated Google

Back in 2008. Apple was way ahead since iOS had quickly become the main operating system for smartphones. However, the arrival of a competitor was entirely possible and Google quickly understood this. When the Mountain View company launched Android, Microsoft did not take this arrival seriously enough… Microsoft obviously underestimated the main power that Android represented: its association with other Google services such as YouTube, Maps and Gmail . Instead, the firm waited to see how the market would react ... but it was already too late.

2. Windows 8 served Windows Phone

When Windows 8 launched, the market response was very poor. Windows 8 was indeed far too touch-oriented, while the majority of users still used the good old mouse to control their PC. According to the ex-Nokia engineer, this bad reputation of Windows 8 has led many people to associate it with Windows Phone 8, even if the two systems had independent development teams.

3. Microsoft had a bad reputation

With the flop of Windows Phone and its sudden abandonment, there are still many of us talking about "loss of confidence" in Microsoft. However, Microsoft’s reputation was probably just as bad at the time. According to the engineer, many young people grew up truly hating Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft has not kept its promises on several occasions, which has led many users to turn away from the mobile operating system to migrate to iOS or Android. 

4. Android and iOS users were satisfied

As the expression says: why change when everything is fine? In 2014, Android and iOS already had a very large number of satisfied users. Even if Windows Phone was ripe at the time, the missing apps accelerated its fall from the competition. It is clear that this point is for me the one that was most lacking when the system was completely mature.

If you want to read the full topic, you can go to Reddit. Feel free to share your views on the issue in the comments ... and why not suggest other reasons for this bitter failure of Windows Phone.
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