How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 4 What is Digital Media?


How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 4 What is Digital Media?

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We often use a sentence while talking about Digital Marketing which is “ This is the era of technology and the era of Digital media and without the help of technology and Digital Media Digital Marketing cannot be run in the present era” without any doubt this statement is absolutely correct but in a proper way we don’t know what is Digital Media and how does the Digital Media works.

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Digital Media

So if we talk about proper definition of Digital Media then it would be that “Any audio,
video, photo or any kind of textual content that has been encode using a computer and which can be transmitted to people digitally is known as Digital Media”. Just to make it understood let me ask you few questions.

My first question is that whenever you are watching a video on YouTube or you are
watching a TV series online you often see that during your video or in the start of the
video an ad of some company appears let us assume that a Coca cola appear so
according to you is that company sending their using Digital Media then what would be your answer.My second question is that every person in this world has a mobile phone in his or her pocket these days so if you are using your phone and all of a sudden a you phone rings and you receive a message from clothing organization which tells you about a new offers and new variety of clothes so is that organization delivering their message using Digital Media. So the answer of all these questions is yes, all those companies and organization are using Digital Media in order to send their messages to you.

In order to understand the tern Digital Media it is very important to understand the feature on which it depends.

Features of Digital Media

Digital Media has three feature.
  •  Mass Reach
  •  Interactivity
  •  Social Networking


Mass Reach

The term Mass Reach in Digital Media is that a company or any kind of organization can transfers their message to you and million of other people like you just by a single click this term is known as Mass Reach.


The second feature of Digital Media is Interactivity which means that costumer or the
audience can give live comments and can provide you feedback regarding your
published content.

Social Networking

Social Networking is the most important and most interesting feature of Digital Media it means that people can make blogs on the base of their passion or the can form community forums on the base of their passions.

Now in the end let us discus some of the example of Digital Media just in to completely understand the term Digital Media


Following are some examples of Digital Media.
  •  Social Media Platforms
  •  Websites
  •  Blogs
  •  Emails and SMS

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms are one of the most common example of Digital Media. In these social media platform we have FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and many others where we are connect to other people.


Second example of Digital Media is website. Websites are those platforms where a
company uploads the information regarding their products and their advertisement and from these websites the costumer of these companies can view and interact with these companies.


Blogs are those websites or platform which are made by customer according to their
passion for example if for passion is photography then a camera making company can use your photograph of your blog as an advertisement.

And if we talk about emails and SMS then all know that how they are an example of
Digital Media.

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