How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 3 What is Digital Marketing?

How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 3

What is Digital Marketing?

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How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 3 What is Digital Marketing?


Whenever we visit a free lancing company or website or we check the job portal of an organization we observe that most of the jobs are of or related to Digital Marketing. So what is Digital Marketing? The proper definition of Digital Marketing is “All marketing Activities done on modern digital channels are as to a part of Digital Marketing. So this means that all the thing we are doing related to marketing on our computers or laptop are basically Digital Marketing.

The next question that comes to our mind is what are those Activities of Digital Marketing?

Activities in Digital Marketing

Following are these Activities we do in Digital Marketing.
  •  Paid Advertisements
  •  Social Media Marketing
  •  Marketing through Emails and Messages
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Mobile Marketing

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Paid Advertisements

In free lancing some company order us to do paid advertisements for them which means that we have go to other website and give Advertisements of company there. For example sometime we watch live cricket matches and often observe that there are ads at the sides of the web pages these ads are the Paid Advertisements.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most simple and easy activity of Digital Marketing. To explain Social Media Marketing we can take an example that we a car modifying company and we post pictures of our modified cars on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM or social media network and our customers can communicate from us.

Marketing through Emails and Messages

Marketing through Emails and Messages is a very simple thing and we all know how marketing is done through Marketing through Emails and Messages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a little complex thing. It means that whenever we type the name of our company then its address and its information comes at the side and its link comes at the first.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is also a simple kind Digital Marketing as in this activity the user can use different apps for Marketing and the company

Power of Digital Marketing

The world in which we are living the total population is 7.4 billion out of which 3.7 billion people are who are attached to the technologies of internet and out of these 3.7 billion people 2.7 billion are those who use social media on daily bases. Talking about mobile phone there are 4.9 billion people who use mobile phone and out of these there are 2.5 billion people who are using Digital or social media platforms on mobile phones, so this is the size of the scope in digital marketing that can be your potential customer and a potential customer of a company.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has many advantages buts some of the important are as following
  •  Global Reach
  •  Personalized Marketing
  •  Customer Engagement
  •  Content Variety
  •  Cost Reduction


 Global Reach

To total population is 7.4 billon and the world is quiet bigger then we expect it to be so how to you send your message to the world or advertise your product to the world. Well the answer to this question is that due to Digital Marketing we connect to the world without any boundaries. So the term Global Reach means that by the help of Digital Marketing we can send our message to the world just by a single click.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing is very beneficial for a company in order to impress the customer as in digital marketing if a customer is watching a video then we can so him ads of his interest and in the way we can make much more customers and earn more money.

Customer Engagement

Sometimes when a customer is view the website of your company then you give such ads in which a customer can in contact with your in this you can develop an attachment bond between a customer and the company.

Content Variety

In early times if a company wants to make an ad for a product they would the had to make arrangements for a proper film designed ad which was later seen on TV which had to be a long process but now we can make small ads about our product and it is so easy that we can easily make thirty ads in thirty days.

Cost Reduction

The biggest advantage of Digital Marketing is cost reduction to company as most the companies do their advertisements through billboards which cost them much more money than advertisement done on Digital Marketing so it also financially better then the tradition Marketing.

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