How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 2 Evolution of Marketing

How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 2

 Evolution of Marketing

How to learn Digital Marketing? Part 2 Evolution of Marketing

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What is marketing? Marketing is basically the act Advertising or we can say that
marketing is the name making sponsors for an event.

Evolution of Marketing

The marketing of the present was not the same from the beginning; it had to pass
through steps or eras to reach to its present condition. There are six of these steps or
eras during this evolutionary period and these entire six steps or eras are to be known as the EVOLUTION OF MARKETING.

Eras of Evolution of Marketing

Here are the names of these six eras.
  •  Trade Era
  •  Production Era
  •  Sales Era
  •  Marketing Era
  •  Relationship Era
  •  And the last and the latest Era of social media
So let me explain the to you

Trade Era

When we talk about the trade era we now that we are talking about old times when
there was no proper system of buying and selling things. As there were no machinery, no factories and no automation where people could work and earn money so what do they do? Or how do they get things? As there was no buying and selling so people used to exchange things.

Like for example someone needs wheat he or she might give anything useful in
exchange of wheat. In easy words to describe Trade era is that we can say that in this marketing was the name of exploration and to explore what the other person is producing that might be useful to someone and due to this exploration people discovered my new things some of them is gas and oil.

Then comes the second era of marketing

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Production Era

This era was the era of developing which started in 1860s and ended in 1910. In this era factories were installed are machineries were made. It was this era in which people started to work in these factories. So then what was the main focus of marketing in this era or in production era?

Well the answer to this question is that the main focus was to increase the efficiency of production and to reduce the time of completion of a product and to also to increase the amount of product.

So in a short some up of this era is that in production era the production of a product is increased in lesser time with the help of a proper labor and machinery.

Sales Era

Then comes the third era of marketing which is sales era. In this era the main focus of marketing was not the production instead it was to sale the product. This era was special for the new products. In this era the production was completed due to a faster labor and the product was ready to be sold out but due to no proper introduction of the product most of the people would reject it. So in this era of sales a new profession was introduced by the marketing which was a salesman.

So the factories started hiring salesman and then it was the duty of the salesman to introduce the product to the buying person or in the market.

This era of sales was started in 1910 and ended in 1930 and this era of sales the
marketing was the name of selling.

Marketing Era

The era for marketing was major period of time in which we finally realize the to produce
products and sales them is not only the ting we have to advertise about or product we have make our product famous, we have to make banners of over product to advertise it. So this era of marketing was major improvement in selling products which lasted from 1940 to 1950. We can take an example that whenever this is a new restaurant opens near your housing area you get a pamphlet of different deals and discounts and memberships and etc it’s all due to the idea of advertisement which is the learning of the marketing era.
This was the era in which the term BRANDS was introduced to us so basically the in
this era the marketing was the name of brand development as in this era the main focus of marketing was to advertise the product.


This era was about from 1960 to 1990 After the marketing era anew idea was
introduced in which a new strategy was formed in order to get more profit which was to form a MARKETING COMPANY . In this ear of marketing company the people of production , the people of sales and the people of advertising department start to work together and this why its is called the era of marketing company. In this they started their journey towards profitability.

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Relationship Era

When the marketing was traveling to its way towards profitability then they realized that only brands and advertisements would not work they had to do something new to
maintain their customers as in this era the customers had so many other options. So in order to prevent loss and in order to maintain their customers they had to make
relationships with their customers.
So in this era the main focus of marketing was to deal the customer like a friend and shake hands with the customer in order to make him a long term customer. This era
was from 1990 to 2000
After this relationship era comes the present era in which we are living.

The Era of Social media

This is the present era of marketing in which the main focus of marketing is transferred from relationship to digitalization. As we know that in this present era most of the people are mostly active on social media sites like Instagram , Facebook , Youtube and etc so the best way of advertising is that we give ads on these web sites and in this way the company can improve its profitability.

By passing through all these era the marketing has completed its

So after all these era what is marketing providing to the company let me
give the key points

So following are the things digital marketing is providing to
the companies

  • The first thing is the exploring new avenues which means that through marketing companies can easily search for better opportunities of getting better profit.
  • The second is optimizing product which means marketing has a main rule in the betterment of efficiency of product.
  • The next is that marketing teaches us how to create and advertise a brand, through which you can decide a theme of your brand.
  •  Next is making companywide efforts that a company should decide or prepare a proper plan of selling their brand.
  • Next is creating a relationship with the customer so the customer could trust your brand and could be and regular and long term customer.
  • The last thing is to involve communities or we can say by take help of communities a company can easily gain profit.

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