How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?

How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?

How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a top and biggest video search engine worldwide. You can find entertainment videos here. If you are having any trouble or facing any problem and you want solution for the problem then you can search your problem from YouTube for solution.

Question is that from where these videos come from?? Can we upload videos on YouTube? Is it beneficial for us to to upload videos on YouTube? How much can we earn from youtube?? How to make YouTube channel?

Things You Need To Know Before Making A YouTube Channel?

Here are some important things you need to know before making a YouTube channel.
This is a long time work. If you are thinking that you start making videos today and you will get your earning in some days then you are thinking wrong.
You need to be regular for a long time you also need to follow YouTube partner programme.

You will generate a huge amount of revenue but you need to work very hard on daily basis. This is not part time job. You could work on YouTube as a full time job. Don't think about your earning. Just focus on your content quality

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How To Make YouTube Channel?

To to a YouTube channel you must have a google account. Connect google account to YouTube


Following following steps

  • Sign up to Google account
  • Open YouTube and connect it to your google account
  • On the upper right side Click on icon of your account
    How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?
  • Click on Your channel
  • Customize your channel


Read on to learn How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?

How To Customize Your Channel Settings?


Make a rich look of your channel. Make a beautiful wallpaper for your channel. Add images according to your channel topic. Make this wallpaper beautiful as you can because when someone enters your channel he/she will see this. Make this wallpaper more and more accurate and best design so this can attracts user. There will be a good chance that user will return to your channel and subscribe your channel.

Also make a good looking logo according to your channel.

There is a description option write a user friendly description also cover all things which you are going to use in your videos.


What Type Of Videos Can We Make For YouTube Channel?

Make videos on according to topic/ niche of your channel. Make videos by yourself. If you are a vlogger, tech, prankster or any kind or niche maker shoot your videos by yourself. The work is not done yet. Edit your videos on a good video editor. Use different effects and and sound effects to make your videos. Make videos in high quality because user want better quality. Don't make mistake of copying someone's other videos. This will not make you to earn money. This is very risky for your channel


What Kind Of Music Can We Use for videos?

Using music in your videos in your videos is a very common issue now a days. Many creators are doing hard work but they could not earn even a single pie. The only reason behind this is they uses someone music in their videos.


From where can we get copyright free music for our videos?

Youtube gives alot of audio musics which are copyright free. You can find it from YouTube creator studio. Other then that many content creators allow other content creators to use their music. I will suggest you to use MORRO audios. All audios are copyright free except some mentioned in his channel.

How to increase audiences on YouTube channel?

  • The main thing for a creator is audience/ viewes and subscribers. There is no any third way to increase views and subscribers just you need to make quality content for your YouTube channel on regular basic.
  • I will suggest you to make a page on Facebook. And share daily basic updates of your channel. When you upload a videos make sure that you share the video also on Facebook page and WhatsApp
  • Also do some experiments do collab with your niche YouTube of your country so you both can exchange your subscribers and views also.
  • Also do giveaways on your channel after sometime to engage your reviewers.

These tips will really help you to upgrade your YouTube channel

When Can We Start Making Money On YouTube?

We can start YouTube earning after

  • 1000 Subscribers
  • 4000 Watch Time in previous 1 year (In Hours)
  • Meet the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP)


How Much Money Can I Earn?


Once you get your YouTube channel Monetization
Your earning depends on 2 things

  • Number of views
  • In which country you have more views

YouTube will give you earning just only in one case which is viewer click on ad which is showing on your videos. If you have more views then there will be more chance to get clicks on your ads running on your videos and you will earn more money.

Your earning also depends on in which country you have views. If you have your videos views in European countries then you will get more rate per ad. The rate of ads is very high in European countries because there are alot of advertisers.


How To Earn Money By Using Others Videos On YouTube?

Question is that can we earn money by using others videos on my YouTube channel?

The answer is yes we can earn money on YouTube by using others videos. Some creators give permission to all other creators that they can also use their videos. You can also earn money by uploading these videos on your channel.
But still there is question from where can we find this kind of videos?


  • In search bar of YouTube search your video. Then then click on icon as shown on picture below
    How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?
  • Now click on creative commen as shown.
    How to earn money on YouTube? How to make a YouTube Channel?
Now download these videos and upload them on your YouTube channel these all are free videos.


How To Earn Money On A demonotised YouTube Channel?


 In case your YouTube channel videos doesn't meet YouTube partner programme. Your channel is not useless. You can still earn money. You can start freelancing. Uou can start Digital Marketing on your channel. You can sell amazon products by reviewing them. You can sell your own products by reviewing them on your YouTube channel. The only this matter is you have a large number of audience.

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Youtube Premium


Youtube Premium, which was formerly introduced by the name Youtube Red, is a music and video streaming service that is quickly on the rise to becoming one of the most popular streaming services in the entire world. Most readers will recognize the name as the premium version of Youtube, the most popular streaming service in the entire world.

It offers its services to certain countries, servicing a total of 52 countries around the world at this moment. Youtube Premium, rebranded and relaunched in 2018, has seen explosive growth, with millions of subscribers from all over the world. Youtube Premium provides its services with its headquarters in San Bruno, California.

Over the past year, Youtube Premium has seen quite explosive growth, and has expanded to lots of other countries to be able to provide its services around the world. Swiftly on its way to becoming one of the most subscribed-to streaming services in the world, Youtube Premium has more than millions of subscribers from around the world. The immense benefits of Youtube Premium have made it popular even among those who don’t use computers, PC’s, or mobile phones or tablets, as Youtube Premium can be streamed on Smart TVs to watch videos and music without any interrupting and annoying ads at all!

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