Soundproof blanket: Do They Really Work?

Soundproof blanket: Do They Really Work?

Soundproof blanket: Do They Really Work?

As far as the art of soundproofing is concerned, the language used can be a little misleading. The only way to really soundproof something is to spend a pittance.

In most cases, the most appropriate description is sound reduction or sound reduction. Although you can not completely block all sounds, there are many relatively affordable tools to help you muffle the sound. This is a soundproof blanket tools.

I will talk here about affordable acoustic blankets like this one. You may be wondering if they really work.

Do the soundproof blanket really work?

 Yes! That is, a soundproofing cover definitely works when you talk about damping the sound. If you are looking for something that will completely block 100% of the sound, you will be disappointed.

These special covers are made from absorbent materials. The thickness of the blanket is also often the key. Even the way the blanket is sewn can help dampen the sound.

When to use a soundproof blanket 

Soundproof blanket will be a very effective tool to minimize the amount of noise in your home or workspace.

These covers are ideal for rooms where there are many hard surfaces without a lot of furniture. When the sound is able to bounce freely from floor to wall to ceiling, the sound is amplified.

Adding a soundproofing cover to at least one of these hard surfaces will be almost like a speed bump for sound. This will slow him down by making sure he can not bounce back and become stronger.

Soundproofing blankets can be used on: 

  •     on the doors
  •     on the windows
  •     on the walls
  •     on the floor
  •     on the ceiling
  •     on or around the devices
  •     in the rooms
  •     in the bathrooms
  •     in rooms without a lot of furniture
  •     in the laundry rooms
  •     in the garages
  •     in the recording studios
  •     in the music rooms
  •     in industrial spaces with noisy machines

The most effective and efficient soundproofing solution will involve some construction.

When you are in a situation where you can not make such constructions, such as in a rental, a soundproofing blanket is a solution other than construction. It will not block the sound 100%, but you can expect your sound absorbing cover to reduce the sound by 30 to 80%. 

How to choose a high quality soundproof blanket

Before buying a soundproofing blanket, it is helpful to understand how they are made. The exterior of a soundproofing blanket is usually a fabric.

More specifically, it is generally made from an acoustically transparent material.

This essentially means that the sound waves can pass through the outer layer to reach the sound-absorbing inner layers.

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Fabric type

A breathable fabric will generally be as acoustically transparent. You can tell if a fabric is breathing by blowing on it. If you feel the air passes on the other side, the fabric is both breathable and acoustic.

The inner layer or layers is what the work of absorption and attenuation of sound does. These layers are made from dense materials such as fiberglass, mineral wool, recycled cotton, cellulose and mass-loaded vinyl.

This material is the opposite of transparent acoustics. The sound waves do not continue through this material but are stopped and trapped by the material.

Another item you will see on the soundproof covers is a carnation. It has nothing to do with sound absorption, but it makes it easier.

Price scale

You will find soundproofing blankets at a very wide range of prices. At the top end, you can expect high quality materials and often a little extra thickness.

The Singer Safety double-sided quilted fiberglass panel is an example of quality coverage. It is 2 "thick and is based on fiberglass to absorb sound. Fiberglass is one of the best materials for sound absorption. 

He has eyelets to hang easily. It is beautiful and broad at four feet wide and eight feet high. Many soundproofing covers are rather ugly, but this one is rather pretty, especially if you appreciate a modern aesthetic.

The affordable option: mobile covers

If you do not have much to spend, I suggest investing in a mobile cover rather than a blanket specifically designed for soundproofing.

Blankets that professional movers use to wrap furniture to avoid scratches may add some density and act as absorbents.

As a bonus, they are also much cheaper. Some mobile covers will have hanging eyelets, but many will not. Mobile covers are much less effective at dampening noises than true acoustic covers, but they absorb a decent amount of noise.

The thicker the mobile coverage, the happier you'll be with its sound reduction properties.

The US Cargo Control mobile cover is an example of a mobile cover that can help dampen noise in a noisy room. He has carnations for convenience.

This is a small side, just 72 "x 80" so you might want to invest in more than one. Fortunately, the price is quite reasonable. 

The reason this cover is blocking the sound is the thickness. Made from cotton and polyester, it also has zigzag seams that can also help with soundproofing.

At this price, you can not expect to completely block all the sound, but I was very impressed by the deterrent effect of this mobile coverage.

How to soundproof an apartment room

Soundproof blanket: Do They Really Work?

Silence is priceless and once you do not have it, you just realize how important it is.

You can not make any noise outside your home is that?

Whether you are a light sleeper or your baby needs to take a nap quietly, outside noise can be a big problem.

Believe it or not, but before, it was impossible for me to rent my apartment with Airbnb. The cause? The external sounds. Impossible to live for a tenant I will have probably received the worst ratings of the site.

It really was when I realized that it was really noisy that I started looking for a soundproofing solution. yet for me the noises seemed to me 'passable'.

I read a lot about it, I consulted architect friends and came up with a small list of possible solutions. So I hope these tips can help you.

In this article, you will find some of the best ways to soundproof an apartment room. 


Soundproof blanket: Do They Really Work?

How to soundproof an apartment room

1. Get rid of the echo

 At first make sure to check that the noise does not come from inside! And yes the echo.

Have you ever wondered why your voice sounds in an empty room? This is because the sound of your voice bounced against the walls directly to you.

What you need to do in this case is very simple. Cover your wall, floor and ceiling as much as possible to capture the noises.

What I recommend to absorb the sounds effectively is to buy a long pile rug like this one

As for the walls, you will be amazed at the effectiveness of this type of custom canvas when you hang them on the walls.

With these new decorations at home, you will have "very good tastes" according to your entourage. But above all you can say goodbye to the echo.

2. Find the holes and the butcher

One of the most basic things you should consider is to plug the holes in the walls, because yes even the smallest of them can let a lot of sounds, certainly more than you think.

For example the holes create for cables: plug them. This can be done with several different materials.

Fiberglass is very useful for this and I recommend it for this kind of problem

How it works: Fiberglass has a cloth-like fabric that captures a sound inside its threads. Once applied, fiberglass will close all small cracks and reduce the risk of unpleasant sounds escaping.

Although fiberglass is known for these thermal insulation properties it is also used to absorb sound.

3. Reduce noise from windows

Blackout curtains

If you are convinced that the sound passes mainly through the window of your home, I can offer you a simple and affordable solutions: blackout curtains

Noise curtains are probably the most effective solution for you. For example, this blackout curtain will do its job very well.

How it works: The blackout curtains consist of an insulating layer specially designed to block unwanted noise but also keep the heat in a room and get the complete black at the same time. They are very useful when it comes to reducing the echo of a room and preventing outside sounds from entering the room.

In addition, you can choose the design and color of the curtain to best fit your interior decoration, it's great.

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4. Thin walls are often the real problem


Why not go straight to the point. The noise problems in your home are probably due to the fact that your walls are too thin. Fortunately for you there are several ways to handle this but it requires more investment and effort to implement.

The simplest solution will be to place as much furniture as possible on the walls, shelves filled with books for example. 

But if this trick does not work you will have to turn to the acoustic foam panels. You know these kinds of mosses that have seen in all studios

Moreover, I tested several and I use it personally at home for a few years already. You can take a look at my acoustic panel tests here 


Finding a way to tone down some sounds can make a big difference to quality of life.

Soundproofing can be especially helpful for musicians, podcasters, anyone who works from home and has to regularly participate in conference calls, and parents, but I think that almost everyone can benefit from the soundproofing of at least one in law.

When you do not have much to spend or are not interested in undertaking a major construction or renovation project, a soundproofing blanket can help you reduce noise.

Soundproof blankets is affordable tool. By absorbing the sound waves, the overall noise is damped to a reasonable level.

Do the soundproofing covers really work? Yes! That said, it's important to have realistic expectations and know that a soundproofing cover will not completely block the sounds.

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