Top Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know [2019]

Top Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know [2019]

Now, the 2019 version of this post was revealed, social media to become a good a lot of crucial part of digital communications ways. Here, we've got updated the stats for 2019 and extra even a lot of so as to spotlight the social media trends that may influence selling in 2019.

However, social connection delivers measurable leads to sales, leads, and disapproval. It offers marketers nice ROI, sanction native them to achieve an oversized audience at an occasional price. The world of social media is dynamic and perpetually ever-changing. we've got gathered all of the of the freshest numbers for 2019 to create positive you up so far on the trends that may drive social media selling within the returning year.

These social media selling statistics can provide you with the ammunition you wish to enhance you’re selling and persuade your coworkers and purchasers that social connection selling should be a priority in 2019.

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Top Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know [2019]

Social media simply keeps growing and growing. At the tip of 2018, Facebook had two.32 billion monthly active users. And most of the opposite social networking platforms and apps additionally continued to grow past 2018 levels.

Now, seventy one of customer’s social media agency Melbourne has had an honest social media service expertise with a whole square measure possible to suggest it to others. Use social media as an efficient client service tool to extend whole engagement and win new customers.

The active range of world mobile social connection users is three. 3 billion international equaling forty second penetration. Ensure to optimize your mobile social media campaigns and since mobile ads square measure comparatively low cost and simple to provide, take a look at multiple versions to check what works the simplest.

1. Facebook statistics In 2015

Facebook influenced fifty two per cent of consumers’ on-line and offline purchases, up from thirty six per cent in 2014. This shows the importance for retailers to manage which can have an on the spot impact on purchase behavior.

2. Twitter statistics

Link clicks square measure the your best and strongest probability of gaining views and shares for your content. Seventy eight of individuals social media agency complains to a whole via Twitter expect a response inside associate degree hour. Customers square measure turning to social media retailers to unleash their frustration or queries. Ensure you're actively working on your social networks.

3. Instagram statistics

Instagram statistics prime brands on Instagram square measure seeing a per-follower engagement rate of four.21% that is fifty eight times over on Facebook and one hundred twenty times over on Twitter, Instagram has become a strong platform for marketers and its potential can't be unnoticed any further.

4. YouTube statistics

YouTube is that the main channel for moving footage. Even YouTube on mobile alone, reaches a lot of 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network within the U.S.

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