Best Photo Editing App for Android 2019?

Best Photo Editing App for Android 2019

In the early times of mobile phones they only used for purpose of communication through voice calls and through texting but  due to the invention of smart phone to be honest the use of smart phone is now changed. Now a day’s smart phone are not only use for the purpose communication but also is used to save and share the beautiful memories of live, like if we are with friends we’ll take a selfie or a group photo via DSLR to make these photo look good we use photo editing App so here are some top 5 best photo editing app for ANDROID we hope you’ll like them.

Best Photo Editing App


The latest app by Enlight “Pixaloop” is actually taking the App Store by Storm. This awesome app will bring any of your  photograph to life with its super cool animation technical school.

Whatever part you wish to animate in your photograph, you can. Be it covering, clouds, water, or perhaps stands of hair. The animation speed may also be adjusted within the Pixaloop app, that is nice.

So far we've had plenty of fun fooling around with this application, turning standard photos into absolute masterpieces. Pixaloop is unquestionably about to amendment our Instagram game, that’s of course.

You can animate components to maneuver in  2 completely different directions within the  same image furthermore, as an example, two-way escalators.

Best Photo Editing App for Android 2019

How to use Pixaloop?

Well, it’s quite easy. All you have got to try to tod do} is simply place an arrow within the direction you would like the animation to maneuver, on the component you would like to animate.

You can place ‘anchors’ in Pixaloop to scale back the animation speed on the areas you would like. you'll be able toconjointly freeze motion in components you would like to stay natural or to carry specific elements. If you want to do things like defy gravity and make the water in a waterfall flow upwards, you can do that as well. Which would make for a pretty cool photo.

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  • Here are some of the listed features of Pixaloop.
  • Freeform paths for intuitive, freehand-style.
  • Arrows
  • Anchors
  • Freeze and Unfreeze Brushes
  • Real-Time Animation Speed Control
  • Choice of loop styles
  • Camera FX
  • Zoom in and out
  • Cool Overlays like flames and raindrops to add mood
  • Animate as many areas of your photo as you like
  • Export to social media in multiple formats
  • Unlimited Projects
Due to these awesome features and the simplicity of this app gives it the position in the  Top 5 best Photo Editing App for Android 2019


As a main representative of a good series of geometric icon editors, Shapical X still permits to feature shapes, text, figures, objects & lines to a photograph, alter colours and use masking tools with implement.

However, a many options are superimposed during this version, that flip Shapical X into a whole all-in-one ikon editor. there's a chance not solely to feature lines and shapes, however additionally to feature graphic patterns, combine photos with photos, add advanced graphic dynamic objects, as well as gradients within the baugasm vogue, in addition as pixelation effects, smudge, glitch, noise, vhs. currently Shapical X permits to use double exposure, blending, ikon collages, and an outsized variety of color correction settings, like color curves, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Exposure, Warmth, Brightness, Sharpen, Fade and Layers opacity.

We have additionally integrated the Unsplash ikon stock, that is free world's leading supply of gorgeous photos, therefore you'll simply use skilled background ikons to form beautiful photo art collages, pictures, wallpapers.

Best Photo Editing App for Android 2019


Shapical X is An advanced but simple to use pic editor that helps you to add beautiful graphics to photos and build sensible and fascinating inventive masterpieces.

Shapical X permits you to show the ideas in your head into superb artworks right from your iPhone, while not the value tag of sophisticated package and having to pay time mastering to use it.

Unleash your creative thinking and begin making extraordinary pictures

  • Keep track of every object they add to the project.
  • Quickly access and alter settings of object effects.
  • Edit layer masks or take away objects utterly.
  • Support Drag & Drop writing.
  • Object Fills
  • Try  all of the six forms of rigorously curated creative effects: Color, Neon, Noise, Mirror, Gradient, Gradient X.
  • Gradient X is that the progressive tool with advanced dynamic gradients
  • Effects & Adjustments
  • Enhance your artworks with split color distortion, pixelization, and plenty of different wonderful effects,
  • Apply classic color adjustment tools, together with Curves.
  • Unsplash Photo Library
  • Shapical X comes with unlimited access to the wealthy assortment of free lovely high-resolution photos
Due to these awesome features and  easy to use ability of this app gives it the position in the  Top 5 best Photo Editing App for Android 2019

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PORTRA could be a picture written material app that allows you to produce watercolor portraits in an exceedingly matter of seconds, beginning with simply a standard picture. to urge started, you'll be able to either take a photograph using the app itself or use a photo you have already got in your gallery. 


PORTRA is super straightforward to use. Basically, you have got 2 controls at your disposal: the primary one allows you toregulate the intensity of the impact and therefore the second offers you the likelihood to settle on the dimensions of it. Also, within the lower a part of the screen you'll notice all the various sorts of effects you'll be able to apply. Most are watercolor effects, however you furthermore mght have some charcoal ones to settle on from.

 Sliding up and down on the image itself enables you to add a frame to your canvas. You'll realize seven completely different frames to embellish your work of art, all fully completely different from the last. 

Best Photo Editing App for Android 2019


PORTRA could be a spectacular exposure piece of writing app that offers you some very spectacular results. in barely a couple of seconds you'll convert any standard exposure into your terribly own masterpiece created with watercolors or charcoal.
Due to these awesome features and  easy to use ability of this app gives it the position in the  Top 5 best Photo Editing App for Android 2019


Pixtica is that the new camera for photography lovers and filmmakers. Designed to be fast and intuitive thus you ne'er miss a flash once more.

Whether you're a amateur skilled or somebody World Health Organization has barely touched a camera Pixtica's easy-to-use style helps you unleash your artistic potential with options that build it a pleasure to capture photos videos and even GIFs.


Here are some of the listed features of pixtica
Live Filters

  • Manual Controls
  • Exposure Control 
  • GIF recorder
  • Panorama

  • Hyperlapse 
  • Slow Motion
  • Tiny Planet
  • Quick Resolutions
  • Magic Hours
  • QR scanner

    These were the best Photo Editing App for Android 2019

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