The ban on Huawei is now canceled . Huawei is unbanned!!!!

The ban on Huawei is now canceled

 Huawei is unbanned!!!!

 The ban on Huawei is now canceled . Huawei is unbanned!!!!
Introduction of the ban
A few months earlier a ban was held on the Chinese based smart phone company, on huawei  by the government of United States of America. The ban was that none of the US based company is allowed to do bsiness with with the smart phone company huawei . like for example Google canceled the license  of huawei , the chips of ARM were not allowed to be used in huawei mobiles. This ban was way too bad effect on huawei and caused a great loss of billions of dollar. 

Reasons of the ban 

 HUAWEI has become a well growing company in the business of smart phone trade and was apprehend at the 2nd position after SAMSUNG before Google cancels HUAWEI’S license. HUAWEI create it own hardware from a material known as HiSilicon .The head trade of HUAWEI is in China and thanks to some issues with the Government of United states Of America and also the most significantly due to the trade war between China and North American nation ,the Government of USA has BAND the smart phones of HUAWEI and as Google is American based anjency this is why Google cancels HUAWEI’S license

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The ban on Huawei is now canceled
 Huawei is unbanned!!!!

 The most prominent reason of the ban is  the trade war between both countries. If we have a tendency to mention the economy of China we see a true fast modification within the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since 1990. If we have a tendency to mention the projection of value we clearly see an enormous distinction as Chine percent age is 536% whereas North American nation percent age is barely sixty one percent.

 Conjointly if we have a tendency to mention the sale of HUAWEI , it's far more then the sale of  APPLE and is graded 2nd after SAMSUNG , therefore simply so as to extend the sale of American based  Smartphone, North American nation has band the HUAWEI products and this is often one more reason that Google cancels  HUAWEI ‘s license.

Ban effects on huawei

Although if we see the news about this case we come to know that huawei had a loss of 30 billion dollars which is totally caused by the ban of US and as said earlier huawei had to stop their product launches.
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Earlier  the lunch of MATE 30 Pro was stopped as the this smart phone contained components originated by the American based companies like 

  • First of all the glass at the front was originated by GORILLA GLASS HOUSING.
  • Storage Modules were also from US based company.
  • The US based radio antenna chips which a phone would need to get 3G or 4G signals.
  • The chips of these phone are originated from a US based company known as ARM.

Changes huawei due to the ban.

You might have detected of a semi conductor company named as HISILICON and this company is absolutely and utterly closely-held by huawei itself. they create the KIRIN chips that they're reaching to replace with the ARM chips as they need began to work while not the technology of ARM and this is often the rationale that subsequent KIRIN 985 chip wouldn't be accomplished by the United States of America ban consistent with BLOOMBERG and because of this chip MATE thirty professional would conjointly not be effected by the US ban .

And if the chips have some ARM product left in it still then there would be no drawback because the style of this chip was originated before the United States of America ban.

Huawei ban is over (Current Situation)

The customers were expecting that either the company’s condition would be the same of the situation of NOKIA as they also had no operating system or that huawei would give a classic comeback by releasing their own operating system known as HONGMENG. But we have a good news for the customers of huawei that finally The ban on Huawei is now canceled in last few  days the President of China met president of America Mr. Donald Trum and it was discussed that the ban on huawei would be resolved , it means that all the companies which were not working with huawei are now allowed to work with huawei for example Google , Intel , Microsoft , GORILLA GLASS HOUSING and ARM and etc .

The problem that huawei was facing was that the android source was taken  from huawei and as the laptop series was working on the operating system of WINDOWS and WINDOWS was a American based company so they were not able to lunch their laptop series but now it resolved that there would be no restriction for huawei anymore. This ban is not only removed for three month as before but it is removed permanently now. And now it is predicted that huawei will go in the same growth as it was going before and it is also predicted that   maybe huawei could be ranked the “ No 1 brand “. 


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