How to Edit Your Pic on PicsArt?

How to Edit Your Pic on PicsArt?
How to Edit Your Pic on PicsArt?
PicsArt is an amazing image editing, collage and drawing application and an application for social networking. PicsArt empowers users to take and edit their photographs, draw with different layers, and share their pics with the PicsArt community and on other social media sites like Facebook and instagram and etc. The app is available in iOS version, Android, and Windows mobile devices. It is also accessible for PCs that are sustaining Windows 8.1 or higher versions. The company has established more than $45 million in venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital, Insight Venture Partners, and many else.

PicsArt was brought out in the light on Thursday August 27, 2012 on Android devices. It was established by HovhannesAvoyan and ArtavazdMehrabyan. The app was downloaded 35 million times throughout its first year. PicsArt is a commanding photo editor accessible for Android, iOS, and Windows PC. One may consider that since it is also available as a mobile app, it would only let you add effects and stickers. But in reality that is not case. You can carry out many amazing editing techniques using this app.

Not only does the PicsArt app permit you to edit your photographs, but you can also blend two of your photos together. This method can be used either to create intellectual effects by say overlaying a street with transluscentramblers, or to make more thoughtfulrenovations like changing the weather. As with any editing procedure, experimentation is key, because occasionally you achieve the finest results when you start without any precise end in mind.

Following are the points you need to remember for photograph editing.


PicsArt derives full with a group of cool effects. You can modify the totalgaze of your photo by adding an effect. To boost your images more, you can even apply numerous filters.To ensurethis, open the image in PicsArt, tap the Effects option and smear the first filter of your alternative. Then click the two small square-shaped icons in the top bar. This will smear the present filter. Then, again, smear another filter. Once you are happy with your image, tap the tick icon at the top-right corner.




While editing, you'll need to check the altered image with the first one. You don’t need to open it in the gallery. Just clutch (long-tap) the picture and you will get the first original image.


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Further, PicsArt also lets you apply an effect to a portion of the image. This originates a dual-effect look. Tap the eraser shaped icon at the top portion after smearing the filter. Using the eraser, erase the effect from the areas where you don’t want to apply the effect. Kinda cool of you ask me.




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While several apps allow you to blur the background of your pictures, PicsArt provides extra options. You can use the normal blur, smart blur, motion blur, radial blur etc. It also originates with an involuntary portrait mode that will smear the blur effect to your portrait imageries
To apply blur to a portion of an image, tap the Effects option and go to Blur mode. The blur effect will be applied to the full image. Now to remove blur from unnecessary areas, tap the eraser icon at the top and start erasing blur from the areas where it’s not required. Tap the Portrait icon to use blur to your portraits.


With a little bit of playing around, you can add a nice colorful effect to the border of an image. Open the image in PicsArt and select the Effects option. Then under FX, tap Vignette. Tap Vignette again to open the vignette effect options.Then tap the color box to choose the border color. You can also increase or decrease the border size.



PicsArt provides many stickers to put on photos. However, each person has a different taste and the sticker colors or effects may not appeal to everyone.

To avoid this condition, PicsArt lets you edit stickers too. To do so, simply add a sticker to your photo and then you will get multiple options to edit it. You can even remove a portion of the sticker by tapping the eraser icon at the top.



With the assistance of the Cutout feature in PicsArt, you can generate stickers of whicheverentity or portrait. But what if you want to create a heart-shaped sticker or a square-shaped sticker? You can do that too.Open the image and tap the Tools option. Then tap Shape Crop.Select your desired shape and tap the next icon at the top-right corner. You can then change the border of the sticker by changing its width and applying different colors.
Once you are satisfied with your sticker, tap the Save button.The sticker are going to be saved underneath Sticker like “My sticker’. You can then add it on any image by tapping the Sticker button.



Sometimes the background of a picture isn't in keeping with our alternative. we tend to surprise if we tend to may modification it. Only Since PicsArt, you'll be able to purely do this. To alter the background, you firstly got to excerpt the slice of the image whose background you wish to alter. to accumulate this, use the free crop icon within the Tools phase.


The extracted images are saved within the My Stickers section. Then initiate a new and open the background that you just want to use for this image. After that, click the Sticker icon that is followed by My Stickers. Select the sticker that you just generated higher than. Using Blend modes and alternative piece of writing choices, place the image on the new background.



You might have seen Instagram profiles that look completely different from the remainder. These profiles really add a white border to the pictures giving their profile a clean look. With the assistance of PicsArt, even you'll be able to add white borders to your Instagram photos. And not just the white border, though a border of any color. Open the image in PicsArt then click the sq. Fitting icon. Then tweak in and out of the icon to spread or lessen the border. Once completed, faucet the Save button.

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