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What It is, And Why You Want It
An Introduction to Youtube Premium
Youtube Premium, which was formerly introduced by the name Youtube Red, is a music and video streaming service that is quickly on the rise to becoming one of the most popular streaming services in the entire world. Most readers will recognize the name as the premium version of Youtube, the most popular streaming service in the entire world.

It offers its services to certain countries, servicing a total of 52 countries around the world at this moment. Youtube Premium, rebranded and relaunched in 2018, has seen explosive growth, with millions of subscribers from all over the world. Youtube Premium provides its services with its headquarters in San Bruno, California.

Over the past year, Youtube Premium has seen quite explosive growth, and has expanded to lots of other countries to be able to provide its services around the world. Swiftly on its way to becoming one of the most subscribed-to streaming services in the world, Youtube Premium has more than millions of subscribers from around the world. The immense benefits of Youtube Premium have made it popular even among those who don’t use computers, PC’s, or mobile phones or tablets, as Youtube Premium can be streamed on Smart TVs to watch videos and music without any interrupting and annoying ads at all!

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A Little History About Youtube Premium

Youtube Premium was rebranded as such on May 17th, 2018, from the previously named Youtube Red. This change came into full effect on June 18th, 2018. Youtube Premium came with a lot of changes to the plan of a paid Youtube service, such as the relaunching of a different subscription based service called Youtube Music, which would solely focus on the different music labels, singles, albums and offered on Youtube.

Following the plan released by the company, Youtube Music would be offered with the larger Youtube Premium subscription service. Youtube also declared that they would be increasing the total price of the plan, though disappointment at this was offset by the other features, benefits and advantages they packed into the bundle.

Along with their rebranding of the service and relaunching of Youtube Music, the company also expanded Youtube Premium into Canada, along with quite a lot of European countries. This was swiftly followed into some of the more notable Asian countries, such as India, Japan and others.

What Youtube Premium Offers You

After hearing so much about the service itself, you must be curious as to how Youtube Premium differs from Youtube itself. The main and most significant benefit is that Youtube Premium allows you to watch videos ad-free, something that Youtube doesn’t. Youtube is known for forcing you to watch ads with every video that you watch, before the video, sometimes after it, and sometimes during the video itself!

This particular benefit, combined with other prolific benefits like offline playback, which allows you to play pre-downloaded videos even when offline, has made Youtube Premium popular across the world with millions of people, and especially with those who want to quickly watch videos without being bothered by ads.

The Main Benefit: An Ad-Free Youtube
The absence of the ads is the most noticeable thing about Youtube Premium, and is the primary benefit it offers to its subscribers. Although Youtube is probably the most favored and watched streaming platform, Youtube video uploaders and content creators make money through putting ads in their videos, which the companies putting out the ads pays them for. This means that the ads, though annoying to the viewers, are still the only thing making Youtube profitable for both the company, and different content creators on Youtube, who earn their living through making and releasing videos, and being paid for advertisements in them.

Youtube Premium allows Youtube, and different content creators on the platform, to remove ads from their videos, as its primary source of income is the subscriptions, and not ads. Content creators are also paid a small commission, based on their views, likes, etc., making it ideal for watchers, content creators and Youtube itself!

Youtube Works Offline, And Even in the Background!

Youtube working offline, and even in the background, is another one of the most well liked features of Youtube Premium. Millions of people around the world will now be able to download videos from Youtube Premium in the background, and be able to watch these when offline, allowing for endless hours of entertainment when you don’t have a connection. For example, when on a train, you can keep a movie, or other types of videos, downloaded beforehand, so you can watch it instead of being bored!

The Youtube Premium App also works in the background, unlike the regular Youtube app. This qualifies Youtube Premium as one of the most subscribed to music player apps, and not just a video streaming service, since this allows people all over the world to put their favorite music on play and keep listening without having to refresh the screen every once in a while.

Youtube Premium Originals

These are some of the highest rated shows in the past year, made by some of the most well known content creators and studios working in collaboration with Youtube, and are found only on Youtube Premium, making them exclusive content that comes as a bonus upon buying Youtube Premium. You get instant access to all of these shows and videos when you buy Youtube Premium.

Youtube Originals have often been called some of the most imaginative and interesting shows out there, and have quite a lot of good titles among the ones offered.
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Youtube Premium can be bought for less than a total of 12 USD, making it one of the cheapest priced music and video streaming services out there. If you’re still hesitant, try out the free month Youtube Premium offers to subscribers, and see for yourself the benefits of subscribing to the service.

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