Top 5 Photo Editing Applications

Top 5 Photo Editing Applications
Do you ever feel the hatred while taking photos and it doesn’t come as we like, even after many attempts? This will definitely drive peoples crazy because they nowadays taking lots and lots of pictures with their devices for many purposes. While trying to capture the beautiful moment some contrast, brightness or orientation issues come in which it can’t fulfil the creativity.

People express their feeling, creating a moment, capturing a beautiful time, and they do a lot with the photos. “A picture is worth thousand times” and many peoples want to be attention seekers. That’s where photo editing apps come into the picture.

There are three types of photo editing application are in the android store. The first one works similar to the desktop application and it is not very easy to edit pictures (but still it is simple) like Adobe Lightroom CC. The second kind is the applications like YouCam Perfect which is very easy to edit images and bring the effect that we want. The third kind is the one available in social media filters, they are not that much help, but you can get some fun by using this tool
Editing the images is like doing the final touch makeup, it gives some special effects and visuals to the raw photo. Getting one clear picture needs lots of works in the early days, but now it is very easy to capture an image in a single click. Most of the population has smartphones with awesome cameras in it. 

Here we listed the top 5 photo editing applications present in the android play store and the list is on our own perspective. Feel free to comment after completely reading this post. Let’s dive into the topic.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has a lot of desktop applications to edit images professionally. But these applications like Lightroom, Photoshop, Mix are the android version of the desktop applications and it has most features present in the Adobe’s desktop application. 

You can get all the expected features like cropping, saturation, brightness, red-eye correction, filters, borders, etc in the Adobe’s Photoshop and it has the ability to perform most operations which desktop version has.  The best thing about photoshop is its filter selection, it can auto correct the problems like exposure, temperature. 

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It has a minimalist interface and has one-touch auto-fix, frames along with some advanced tools like image rendering engine which handles large panoramic photos. Photos can be edited and exported from the RAW format and you can reduce the unwanted noise, speckling, perspective correction feature in Adobe Photoshop application. 

It is available in the Android Play store for free and you can export or share your edited photos in social media.

Read on to learn about Top 5 Photo Editing Applications


Snapseed is the most recommended photo editing application after Adobe. Google brought this few years back. Like other editing applications, it comes with pre-defined filters, and classic tools like frames, cropping, texts, sharpening, cropping, etc. 

It also has a selective adjust tool where can select a specific area of your image to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. It has a very intuitive interface, where you can add photos and adjust the pre-set by adjusting the sliders. Yes, it is that simple.

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Once you select manual tuning, you will get multiple variables to edit where you can adjust the sliders to increase the respective variable and reverse the same slider to decrease the value of the respective slider. 

The main advantage of this application is completely free and you don’t have to download any additional things. This editor can save your edit history, so you can undo your previous edit at any time. 

It is completely free, and you can download that from the Android Play store.


Pixlr is also known as a pixlr express developed by Autodesk. A powerful photo editor with a lot of one-touch features to enhance your images. It is very useful when you want to remove unwanted spots or marks from photos. 

This photo editor had 2 million combinations of free effects, filters, and overlays. It has powerful features to make photoshop like features such as poster, pencil, halftone, and sketch. You can also create a collage with different layout, spacing and background options. It also has the option to mark your favourite layer.

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Doodling is the most popular feature in the pixlr application and you can make ink sketches too. This photo editor also has an auto-correcting feature to balance the color and temperature of an image. You can create a collage with 25 images which are large for an android photo editor.

Image export option is available and also you can share your edited images on social media. It is free with some in-app purchases featured and contains ads.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam is the most popular and recognized android photo editor with a lot of active downloads. It is the handy-photo editor tool where you edit images within seconds. It also has predefined one-touch filters and default features like crop, rotate, brightness, saturation, rotate and mosaic pixelates which can blur your background, HDR effects.

This photo editor application comes with a lot of additional features like face reshaping, body slimmer, eye bag remover to make you more attractive and look prettier. It also has video selfie features along with a lot of skin options. Editing your image can be done within a minute with its auto-correct feature where you can auto-tune your temperature and colour even saturation of the photo.

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YouCam photo editor application has real-time beautifying effects even in video with object removal features. It has multi-face detection to apply instant touching for group selfies. With this application, you can add a smile to any application.

YouCam Perfect application is completely free in google play store and like other applications, you can export and can able to share your edited images in your social media accounts.


Picsart has been in this market for a long time and with 250+ million downloads. One of the most favorite photo editor still in 2019, has a lot of features and to stand out of the crowd the developers are updating the features frequently.

It has usual editing tools like other photo editors has and it has text, stickers, and even logo features to customize your photo. Picsart has an active community where you can share your creative stuff and get inspired by other artists. You can create animations and gifs, even you can draw things on your own photo. It has built-in camera features and social sharing options to share your work with your friends.

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It is free, and you can buy additional in-app purchases if you are looking for more additional features.

A lot of photo editing applications are available in the Google play store. You can download based on your requirements. We suggest you go with three or four applications to try and conclude by yourself.

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