Pubg is banned in Pakistan

Pubg is banned in Pakistan
Pubg is banned in Pakistan

 Read on to learn Pubg is banned in Pakistan

Pubg is a South  Korean game which is now also known as the world’s second most played game. From past few months there is some rumor about Pubg that Pubg is banned in Pakistan. Well let me a sure you that some actions are taken by the NEW Government of the Pakistan. The actions were taken under the rule 87 of the Discussion on the Matters of Urgent Public Importance by MR. Naveed Aamir Jeeva but it was totally  according to a false statement that MR. Naveed Aamir Jeeva said that Pubg is an INDIAN game and due to its effects on the youth it should be banned. This order passed on 27th of May 2019 in the National Assembly of Pakistan along with 46 other order which were order to be implemented and this order was the 43rd from these 46 orders.

Reason behind the issue

The  reason behind pubg is banned in Pakistan that the Government of Pakistan is banning all the addictive games  as most of our youth is wasting their time on these type of activities instecd of working hard and their goal of life so according to our PM this is one of the reason why PUBG is banned in Pakistan. Another reason why pubg is banned in Pakistan is the violence showed in the game.
atmosphere of Pakistan alive. Our country must not be this peaceful.”
Another reason why pubg is banned in Pakistan is that the politician of Pakistan are thinking that pubg is Indian company based game but this statement is not true as pubg is a South Korean game released by the company whose name is BLUEHOLE and the person who designed the game was not a professional game maker or designer he just a web designer.
Brendan Greene designed this game on  a Japanese movie BATTLE ROYAL
So according to the government  pubg shows brutality so it should be banned

WorldWide action taken against pubg 

Looks like most of of the Asian have the same issue with  this game as
China has banned PUBG Nepal has banned pubg  both India and Pakistan have the same issue with this game . America is also thinking about the same  even In some of the world if any student is caught playing PUBG would be arrested. So in some ways whole world is taking action against this game. Even in India 

We sought an order from the court to ban PUBG after floods of complaints 

 Disadvantages Of PUBG

1 round of PUBG is approximately more then 20 minutes and playes play pubg for more then 1 hours. Paying attention on a small screen for a long time may cause your eyesight week.

You also need tu play in game to get premium functions. RP is the main thing in PUBG and players spent alot of their money to increase their RP in game.

To play smoth game play you need Software and graphic cards this is very costly and players spend a heavy amount of money to buy graphic cards.

This is not a game this may cost you your important time and career . Gaming is fun but playing all the time is costly and dangerous

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