Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?

Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?
Windows 7 has a feature to store and manage all type of information you want in a single place. I’m talking about the library here. Library provides the middle place to manage files that are located in multiple paths. Instead of going to multiple directories for the files you want, you can manage all kind of files in a single place.

You can think the library as a virtual collection. Yes, it is virtual kind because it collects the multiple files and folders in a single folder and that is not like a real folder. Seems confusing, right? Read this post completely to get your questions, doubt, and confusions got cleared.

The benefit of using a library is that windows will automatically index the content in the library and it will show them while performing a search on the computer. Libraries are used by many apps and windows features. It will automatically backs-up your information when you try to update windows or running maintenance or restoring your computer.

Some applications prefer library as a default location to store their data and working files.
 On summarizing the usage of libraries in Windows 7, we got
  • Quick access from most programs like dialogue boxes, windows, programs, etc to the library.
  • The faster search process, because the information in the library is already indexed by windows in result provides the quick results as possible.
  • Easy way to organize multiple types of files and folder and to customize.
  • Some application store their data and working files in the library location to make you more productive

To go to the library in Windows 7, type libraries on the search box in the start menu and press Enter.
Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?
By default the libraries in Windows 7 are documents, music, photo, and video will open up and you can access through navigation pane in the file explorer anytime.

The default library in Windows 7 is good and well-placed, in case if you want to create a new library, select “new library” in the directory and give that a name. By this way, you can organize your files in one place as you want, so that you don’t want to roam into different directories. 

Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?
There is always a “Restore” option in the navigation pane when you want to get back your old version of libraries. On the navigation pane, right-click on the libraries which in results a pop-up menu will appear. Select “Restore to default” option on the menu to get back your previous version of the library.
Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?
Errors may occur while trying to open a library in Win 7 and a common error is “Documet.library-ms” is no longer working. It occurs when you try to open the document folder in the library and it will repeats as same for “Photos.library-ms” and “videos.library-ms” folder.
Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?
There is an easy solution for this problem to fix and it will affect anything. This library can be simply be deleted from the computer and it will not delete the information inside the folders. The reason for this problem is that the library of your computer got corrupted somehow and thankfully the solution is much easy to do.
First, open the file explorer, right-click on the library in the navigation pane. Delete the libraries that are being corrupted and restore the default libraries as we said above to get rid of this error.
Sometimes, Library avail but the subfolders like music, videos, documents, and photos are got deleted or hidden. To solve this error, try “Restore to default” and restart your computer or else try the solution using command box as said below,
Press winkey+R to open a dialog box and type this,
Now Press “ENTER”
Type “DIR/A” to check the .library-ms files are present in your computer and press “ENTER”
Now type ATTRIB to check the attributes and press “ENTER”
Now type in command prompt as follows, 
attrib -h "%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\*.library-ms"
And press “ENTER”.
Now try restarting the computer to resolve this error.
When the library itself not opening in the file explorer or from the search box due to some corruption problem in your computer. It will not allow you to access the library itself and thereby you can’t access the sub-folders like photos, videos, documents, and music. 
To get rid of this, click control panel\All control panel items\Troubleshooting\All categories and select the “System Maintenance”.
The click on the “advanced” option to select “Apply auto repair automatically” then run the troubleshooting process. Once the troubleshoot got finished, restart the computer to get rid of this problem.
Most errors caused in libraries are fixed by “restore default libraries” option form the navigation page in the windows explorer.
So you can now add a new library and fix some common and simple issues that occur in the library with the help of this post. Now, we will be going to see how to delete or hide the default or newly created libraries from the index in Windows 7.
Removing library is because of two main reasons, either you had created it by mistake or it may get corrupted. To get that unwanted library folder to be removed, follow the instructions below,
  • Click “My Computer” and open the file explorer.
  • You can see the Library folder with its sub-folders hidden in the navigation pane on the file explorer. Click the inverted triangle near to “Library” to expand the sub-folders.
  • Now choose the library folder that you want to remove and make a right-click on it. A pop menu will appear with lots of options.
  • Select “Delete” option in the pop-up menu and click delete on the dialog box which appears next.
Libraries not working and How to Remove the Libraries in Windows 7?
The Library folder got deleted in Windows 7 and you can restore that at any time with the help of the restore method that we have discussed at the beginning of the post.
Hope this post will help you with the basic things about Library in Windows 7 and how to create, resolve issues, and delete them in a good way. Using libraries will help you to organize the files in a single location; even you can access your network location from the library. Make use of it.

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