How to Increase the Speed of Android Mobile?

How to Increase the Speed of Android Mobile?

One of the most raising issues of an android mobile is about its speed. When we buy a new android mobile we feel that it’s one of the fastest things in the world but with the passage of time it becomes slower. It starts to complete its task slowly and takes more time and sometimes it hangs. And then users try to find an answer that how to increase the android mobile.

 Read on to learn How to Increase the Speed of Android Mobile?

Commonly in any device whether it’s a laptop or a smart phone the number of Applications decide its speed. So whether it’s an android of it’s a iPhone more will be the number of Applications less would be the speed of the android 

For solutions their some method with the help of which we could know how to increase the speed of android mobile. And these methods are as following.

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  1. When we visit a website and after watch something on it or using it when we close it some of its data is saved or is left in our system we have to delete that data from our system in order to increase  the speed as it act as a load on our system. It can done  by going into the SETTINGs then into STORAGE then click on INTERNAL STORAGE  then click on the option of CACHED DATA it will delete  all of that data and you will  find phone run faster.
  2. The second method is by lowering the animation scale. It can be done by going into the SETTINGs the click on ABOUT DEVICE  then click on the option of SOFTWARE INFO there would be an option of BUILD NUMBER click on it like seven times then the developer option shows on and go back to SETTINGs then go to DEVELOPER OPTION  after that we see three option WINDOW ANIMATION SCALE, TRANSITION ANIMATION SCALE and ANIMATER DURATION SCALE we have to off them all it will  increase your phone speed like 2x.
  3.  Another method is that stop all the application from running in background or that we are not using. It can be done by going into SETTINGS  then in DEVELOPER OPTION  where we have to turn on the option of  “ Do not keep activities “ it will not allow any application running in the background. If it is necessary to keep an application running in the back then click the option of limit back ground processes and select the number of application that will be  running in the back ground
 ( Do not use the application that are so called data cleaners cause they do nothing. Instead use the SMART MANEGER of you own phone. )

If you find you phone speed is very slow then the first step you should do is to restart your phone it clear your cach data automatically  and make your phone run a bit faster so it help a lot and everyone knows how to do so.

How to Increase the Speed of Android Mobile?

The final step if nothing work is called the “ the factory reset ” it will erase you data and make your phone run again from the start  so make sure to make a back up before you use this option. It can be done by going to the SYSTEMs  then click the  RESET option  and the select the option of ERASE ALL THE DATA.

How to Increase the Speed of Android Mobile?

Another method is that is that to turn on the FORCE GPU RENDERING option and it will allow your phone to use GPU ( graphical processing unit ) it has a drawback that it may affect your battery timings.

The next method is to switch  to SKIA  go to SET GPU RENDER  in DEVELOPER OPTION and select the option of “ OpenGL (SKIA )

These are some of the method that will help you in increasing the speed
And this how to increase the speed of  android mobile

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