How to increase follower on Instagram?

How to increase follower on Instagram?
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Instagram is now a day’s one of the best social media application on which we could share our pictures or videos of any event of our life and where we find friends and get likes and comments from friends . These friends who are on instagram are called followers.

 Read on to learn How to increase follower on Instagram?

Well on facebook it’s not difficult to find followers but on instagram it’s a little difficult to get followers so this issue is rapidly raising that how to get follower on instagram. Like if someone has 1000 + followers on facebook he might have less than 300 followers on instagram so let us asure you that it is not your fault instead there is  some navigation problem of this web site or this application

 How to increase follower on Instagram?

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Ways to increase followers on instagram
 There are some tips that will answer the question of how to increase the followers on instagram, some of these trick would be done by the application of instagram while on the other hand some of these tips are done by using some applications
Some of these tips are following which will help you to know how to increase follower on instagram
  • First  of all most of the people make their instagram private due to which follower do not follow you  cause they do not have time to send you a request and wait until you accept it so we should not keep our instagram in private if you want followers it should be open.

  • The second tip is that you upload only and only high quality pictures use some sort camera like DSLR and etc and try to avoid uploading selfies, it also has an effect on your followers.

  • The third tip is that you should try to use the features of instagram well it will not increase your follower but it will make your stories interesting  and they would not get bored of your profile. Or instead getting new followers you may lost the old ones so try to engage your follower.

  • The forth tips is to try to use location tags whenever you post something or whenever you upload any kind of story use location tags , it would help you get followers like if I use location tag if someone searches that location he see my post and he might follow you so location tags also help in increasing the your followers.

  • Tip number five is to make a theme like if someone visits your profile and your posts are like irregular without any theme or sequence the visitor might not get his interest like if there is a post a pic in which you are wearing blue dress the try to upload two more pic in the same dress this is the theme people would find it interesting and can follow you.

  • Sixth  tip is that use hash tags. It also helps you get followers in a similar way as we talk about the location tags.

  • Tip number seven is very simple that number of followers also depend upon the time you spend on your instagram so if you want to  increase your no of followers then you have to upload pics on daily basis if you cannot upload pics then try to upload stories.

These are some very common thing you should know which will help you to know how to increase followers on instagram. 

There is another way that you can pay to different app in order to increase you followers but it’s not worth full

And you can also use different application to increase your followers. 

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