How to edit your photo professionally?

How to edit your photo professionally?

How to edit your photo professionally?
Perfection has no meaning and definition! Because it differs from everyone’s perspective. Something looks perfect to you seems to be unperfect to someone and it varies from each and every personality. Also edit and capture a perfect photo depends on your view on the photo.

In this post, I try to convey the possible and most acceptable ways to edit photos that look professional. But before dive into the topic, one thing I need to convey here is “Don’t use filters” to define the nature of the photo differently.

Though it helps you to give output that as expected it will suppress the quality of the image. Yes, the filters are effective and easy, I will also agree that. But it will never be the same as editing photos. Even nowadays most filters don’t meet the requirement that you wish to do even when you had spent two or three minutes to customize them. 

And, you can edit your photos on your computer or smartphone. For that, you need to transfer the image (or copy) to the platform in which you will going to edit. You can do that by transferring wirelessly or using USB cables or pop-out the SD card to get the RAW files.

Most times tools take the copy of the RAW or JPEG files to edit, sometimes it took the original content of the photo to the editing platform and it will affect the original file. So always back-up the files before editing them.

 After importing the duplicate of the original image, straighten the image. Most people use “Adobe Lightroom” or “Photoshop” and an Android application called “Snapseed” to edit their photos. Straightening the images will help you get the correct perspective of the image. Some peoples didn’t take this as serious and they work with their guts. If your images are taken in wide-angle lenses your vertical and horizontal references are distorted

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Don’t ever crop the image, it will lead to losing the resolution of the original image. If you had an object or thing that is not needed, try healing or repair function to make it invisible from the frame. Or else if you had enough pixels on your photo, try the crop function to select the particular frame that you wanted, it will also help with your composition improvement.

While taking photos on smartphones don’t “pinch and zoom” and click the image. You can get the original resolution of the image and you will definitely not get it back. Because the zoom function in smartphones is not as same as digitally optimized zoom features.

Most software editing applications have basic adjustable sliders to change the properties of the image. The options like features, contrast, warmth, brightness, shadow, saturation, structure, ambiance, shape, sharpen and highlights are used to adjust the basic things in the photos. These slider features differ from the nature and quality of the image.

You can select the category for the pop-up menu by sliding through the image or in the main menu. Other editing features are placed in this main menu or particular option like “detail” or “advanced” option in the application.

In the matter of photo editing, the less is more. So, pull the slider trigger to the max, and let it go. You need to check and adjust the sliders to make your image looks like a natural photo. Some options like structure, clarity, warmth is complicated. You need to handle their values carefully. Because it can make your photo very unnatural in a fraction of second.

 How to edit your photo professionally?

When you are taking the first photo through your camera, save it if you like it. Then do the editing with that image to make the image looks better than the previous one. Try to enhance the image on every aspect and make sure it was pushed hard to look better than the original one. Now compare both original and edited photos. Decide for yourself, which attracts you is the winner. Hurray!!!! You got your perfect version of a photo.

You have to view your photo on many sides, in many perspectives to get attracted may many peoples. Always make sure the lightning in the final image is efficient, the colour, saturation, and temperature are well-suited with the theme or mood of the photo. Stick with the natural look of the image, because it gives some magnetic feel to many peoples.

But there is an exception that some images need to look like unnatural because it is completely different from the normal view of perspective and it wants to get improvised. Try those things, but don’t make it feels like “awwweeee!!!”

Remember this one, “Always go with the quality”. Because one quality photo is always good when compared with lots of poor images. So careful with the composition of the image and do quality edit that will not affect the resolution of the image. Badly captured or edited photos will not grab the attention of the peoples.

So, practice whenever you can, No can master anything overnight and do you know that a master is once a beginner? So, don’t forget to practice. Don’t get shy or afraid of capturing or editing a new attractive location or object. Try different angles with different themes of lightings. Compare that with every revision of the image.  The one that attracts you the most wins the game.

Find a photographer or community to help you either online or local. Share your works and creations, ask feedback from them. It will improve your way of work and it will also help to understand other people’s expectations. 

As you know more, you can learn more. So, keep in mind, always go with the quality, keep the scenario natural. If it was supposed to be an unnatural image, don’t make people react like “aweee!!”. Export the photo that satisfies your look and view. Always have a backup of your originals. Keep learning and give your ears to feedback. Practice whenever you can and master your skills to edit a photo like a professional.

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