How to download and install Microsoft toolkit 2019?

How to download and install Microsoft toolkit 2019?

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Microsoft office is one of the most useful applications that is used common in every corner of the world. Microsoft office is common used for making documents like if someone want to make a time period or want to make his or her CV to submit for applying for a job or if someone wants to make a presentation or sometimes student use it for college notes and etc. 
Commonly the people were using a low version of Microsoft office which is Microsoft office 2016 well it’s also a well graded version of Microsoft office but when talk about Microsoft office 2019 well it is way beyond the 2016 version of Microsoft. But it’s difficult to get it these days,  most people do not know how to get it so if the people who to use it then it is necessary for people to know how to download and install Microsoft office 2019 
But just for your knowledge if you do not know about the new features then you can get it from here 

Read on to learn How to download and install Microsoft toolkit 2019?

New feature in Microsoft office 2019 (an upgraded version after 2016) 
If you just check Microsoft office at a first look it would appear very similar to Microsoft office 2016 but in actual there are several changes we should know about. Following are those changes present in Microsoft office 2019

  • Microsoft office 2019 is a kind of heavy version of Microsoft office so it should be in only those PC which have WINDOWS 10 as any WINDOWS might not be able to handle it. Similar is the case for macOS, only the three most recent versions of macOS   can handle it. (Any lower WINDOWS or macOS might not be able to run Microsoft office 2019).
  • If we talk about the visual feature well Microsoft office 2019 has several updates like in Microsoft office 2019 there is library of graphics we call ICONS we can use them however we like.
  • Another upgraded feature regarding visual and graphics which is that you can add 3D models in your projects presentation or documents.
  • And you can easily turn your drawings into a standard shape with the help of  using shape functions.
  • In Microsoft world new learning tools are added with which the text  is easier to read like for some instant you can change the world spacing , page color and you can make you PC to read the passage and the you can put it back.
  • Enhanced carts like maps and funnels .
  • Once you highlight a passage you can unhighlight  any part of the passage without any problem so it is more user friendly then Microsoft office 2016.
  • A new upgrade in power point is that use can use more animated feature during the slides.
  • In Microsoft power point you can now also make your documents as a video file.

Well these are the upgrades I check in Microsoft office 2019

Now if you to know how to download and install the Microsoft office then you may read the procedure


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  • First  open your browser and then type and then hit the enter button .
  • When the web site is open there would be a search bar on the right side click on it and search for Microsoft office 2019 and the wait until the browsing is complete.
  • The search result will show you both “Microsoft office 2019 for macOS “ and also “office 2019 professional plus jan 2019 edition download  “ you can select the first one for macOS and the second one for windows let us click on the second one. And then wait for browsing.
  • When you open its and scroll down you may see all the feature on the screen then you will see the app info like is size and etc and the system requirements like what are the requirements for the system if we want to use it.
  • Then scroll down and click on ‘’ Download 32 Bit x86 ’’or click on ‘’ Download 64 Bit x84 ‘’ .
  • Then wait until downloading is complete.


  • Then open what you have downloaded 
  • Before installing it make sure you internet is off and then disable you firewall for that go to ‘’ control panel ‘’ of your PC and then go to ‘’ windows defense firewall ‘’ when it is open on the left you will ‘’ turn windows defense firewall on or off ‘’  and from their you have to turn off both firewals.
  • Then do right click on the setup of installation of Microsoft office 2019 and as the bar appears click on ‘’ run as administrator and then the setup will be opened from the setup change Microsoft office 2016 to 2019 and then select what want and then click on ‘’INSTALL OFFICE ‘’.
  • It wil take 10 to 15 min to install completely. then click utilities then disable RETAIL => VL  and then click on activate office. It will take 4 to 5 mins to activate.

And this is how to download and install Microsoft office 2019

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