How HUAWEI can beat the US Ban?

How HUAWEI can beat the US Ban?

 How HUAWEI can beat the US Ban?

 Read on to learn How HUAWEI can beat the US Ban?
Huawei  is a China based smart phone manufacturing company and due to some reasons the license Huawei had to use to Google system was canceled and on demand Google give Huawei a 90 days’ time period to make their own operating system. The reason told for ban was said  by the government was some sort of safety issue but it looks like that the ban was due to the high decrease in smart phone sales of iPhones and other smart phone US based companies. So it was the best way to ban all the Chinese base smart phones in US and to ban the Huawei for google in order to decrease the Huawei’s value. But somehow we know that China is way advance so we hope it could give Huawei a brilliant comeback and it may help you know how huawei can beat the US ban.

Current conditions
Let’s  talk about the current condition of huawei that HUAWEI was going to launch it latest mobile named as MATE 30 Pro but the launch was stopped as by US by banning it had some of the things that are originated by US based companies which are following
  • First of all the glass at the front was originated by GORILLA GLASS HOUSING

  • Storage Modules were also from US based company

  • The US based radio antenna chips which a phone would need to get 3G or 4G signals

  • The chips of these phone are originated from a US based company known as ARM .
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These are some of the banned components that are needed to be removed by huawei so they could launch their smart phone MATE 30 Pro.
Although if we see the news about this case we come to know that huawei had a loss of 30 billion dollars which is totally caused by the ban of US and as said earlier huawei has to  stop their product launches but still if we talk about huawei it is still a broad and a powerful company so it is a hope of huawei saving their grace. Well it is so true that if this situation had on any other company they might be crippled.  

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You might have heard of a semi conductor company named as HISILICON and this company is fully and completely owned by huawei itself. They make the KIRIN  chips which they are going to replace with the ARM chips as they have started to work without the technology of ARM and this is the reason that the next KIRIN 985 chip would not be effected by the US ban according to BLOOMBERG and due to this chip MATE 30 Pro would also not be effected by the US ban
And if the chips have some ARM product left in it still then there would be no problem as the design of this chip was originated before the US ban.
Well it might be a difficult task for huawei not to use the ARM technology by huawei is capable of it was at the 2nd top selling  brand of smart phones  so it is difficult but possible.
If we talk about the storage chips so huawei has start making their own huawei storage chips like nano memory chard.
Well these are the  changes that are made yet so we hope this might help you know that how huawei can beat the US ban. And we hope huawei can comeback soon.
So best of luck to HUAWEI.  

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