Google new updates 2019

     Google new updates 2019
 Google new updates 2019

Search engine and uses are not a new thing to explain to anybody in 2019. A 10- year-old kid can also give a detailed explanation related to the search engines and which it is used and how it is making our lives easy in such a great extent. On such a search engine and the most popular among all search engines is Google.

The most popular search engine in the world which aims to provide the best result with good experience
trying to upgrade itself every day. Don’t you guess who am I talking about?

Yes, the mighty GOOGLE! It is the world’s largest search engine that remains Jedi of its industry. If you have to sustain in the top, you have to work more for that. That’s what Google is doing now. A lot of updates and changes are happening every day to provide better results.
Because many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc are also providing the search results. But to stand top in the market, you have to keep yourself updated. Google is changing its core every day to provide the best to the users.
Before going into the topic, let’s see how Google works? How the algorithm performs in a search? Afterward, we will see about the recent Google algorithm updates in 2019.  

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Google is a search engine and it helps users to get their queries answered. But how Google do this? They used to collect the information from websites and perform some analysis to rank the website in their SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If you type any word or queries, Google will run a check in their database to display the website that helps on your queries.

Google does that with the help of their algorithms. Its core algorithm powers its search result with the most accurate and relevant results. So what is an algorithm? An algorithm is a set of rules or process that is programmed to the computers. Google has its own algorithms to give the best result and experience to its users.
Its algorithm got updated every time to result in a better output. In general, they update 500 to 600 major search algorithms every year. It will impact the SERP and ranks the quality website higher and the website with low quality and content got affected. 
There are over 200 factors which influence the Google search algorithm. A website with good content and quality tags that compromises all these factors will undoubtedly rank higher in SERP. Now we will see about the changes that Google implements.

So basically Google comes up with a yearly update which generally solves the issues which are being faced by millions of users. They used to tweet or post some reviews about the search engine and in this way, Google gets to know about the bugs or the problems which need to be rectified. But Google never announced about the update previously. But this is for the first time they have pre-announced about the algorithm of the Google update of this year. That is called Google update of June'19.
So Google SearchLiaison tweeted official on 3rd June about the official Google. So the tweet mentioned about the official update that Google generally comes up several times in a year. So in this content, we are going to talk about the updates that are being made by Google this year from June to January.

Even though Google rolls-out lot of updates every year like Bourbon, Dominic, Boston, Esmeralda and a lot more, some noticeable
updates grabs a lot of attention of the website owners. Because these major updates like Humming Bird, Panda, Penguin, Mobile Index,
etc got more impact on the SERP changes which bring good
as well as bad things to the website owners.

As I said before, a website with quality content, optimized tags and good user experience signals wins the lottery on every update mostly. In 2019 also Google has released a lot of changes in its algorithm and some of the noticeable updates are 
  • Core Update (March 2019)
  • De-indexing Bug
  • Indexing Bug
  • Core Update (June 2019)
  • Site Diversity Update
These are the major updates and they roll out SERP with lots of changes. Now we are going to see the updates and its objectives.

June 2019 Core update:
So it is the newest update that has come up with Google. The proper update information has been announced by the same account that has made the pre-announcement related to the update. It was warned that June 2019 update will be rolled out to different countries slowly. Obviously, the tracker related to the algorithm has been started detecting a spike in its graph. This has clearly proved that it has been started working in the rating of SERP ranking.

Since Google has added a small update which has inculcated Quality rater guidelines which aimed in rating on the quality of the sites you are visiting. And this update for sure includes some brilliant patch for the search results.
All the critics out there are waiting for the actual update that will come up.

Google releases its core update very earlier this year and they confirmed it. The update got released on Wednesday (12th of March) 2019 and Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan confirmed the update. Many rumors got spread over this update like “this is as same as Medic update”. But Google stated that this core algorithm update has not meant to target any particular field. It is a common SERP change and it says that there is “no fix” for the websites that has a negative impact. 

Instead of trying any technical changes build great content that relates to your topic and webpage. Google previous advice on core update is that:

The name “Core update March 2019” given by Google to avoid the confusion of its name like it happens before for “Panda Update” which was referred to as “Farmer Update”

Again on June 3rd, 2019, Google makes changes in its core algorithms and it was observed by many SEO toolsets widely over the world. Though the announcement on this update was previously done by Google, the main objective of the update is not yet revealed.
But according to the webmaster community and many popular SEO professionals, this core update makes a way for the site and publishers those who are affected by “Medic Update”. The site owners and publishers who all are affected with a medic update and worked to enhance the menu structure and content enrichment had reaped their fruits.
Google on June 3, 2019, said that:
Google new updates 2019

Many Gambling sites got affected on these updates, while websites related to finance and health get positive impact. 
Site Diversity Update
A tweet from Google’s search liaison made an announcement,

Google new updates 2019

Yes, this is what you are thinking about. Another update from the mighty Google. This update deals with the domain diversity in the SERPs.
Do you ever experience the same website appears on the first page of Google search when you search a query like this?
This is what I got in Google’s SERP when is used to search “buy cloth online” query. Google tries to dilute the occupation of same domain takes place multiple times for the same query in the first page of SERP.

Though this algorithm change is in action, Google can’t completely take action for every query. Because the above screenshot is taken on 25th June 2019 and yes, nothing is completely perfect in this world. But this update will give some space to other site owners who had the identity to place their site on the first page of search. Instead of having the same domain repeated multiple times for the same query, different domain which is relevant to the query will take place in the future.
Though this update has much positive impact on many websites, some sites which hold multiple places for the same query experienced some lags.
Google is utilizing every possible aspect to increase the accuracy, relevancy and user experience in an effective way. As many experts, as well as my advice to users who are reading this, is “Don’t create and optimize websites for search engines, make websites for your audience, customers and the potential peoples who really get the solution by your product or service”.

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De-Indexing Bug
A bug that makes indexing pages a problem causes a lot of problems on SERP ranking, traffic, visibility changes, etc on April 6. 
The bug that de-indexes the existing content from SERP results causes a lot of changes and negative impacts. Google says that 
Google new updates 2019
Though it got resolved within three days we don’t know the exact impact that caused by this bug and Google haven’t revealed that. Many website owners have lost their ranking, traffic and a lot because of this bug which de-index the pages from SERP results and makes it visible to the users. 
Indexing Bug
On the same month of May 22nd Google got infected by another indexing bug issues. People with need content and URL to be updated experienced this problem. The most reputed search engine got difficulties on indexing “right canonical URLs” and the issue affects many “Google News sites”. 
Danny Sullivan from Google said that “I believe it’s related to picking up fresh content because as you saw from the reports, this we’re time restricted, 
People who only rely on the search engine as a source of traffic and sales experienced a huge effect that down rages their traffic. That’s why you always need to plan your marketing strategy as “Omni-channel” approach.

The unofficial update of March 2019

In the last few days of March, Google has come up with some recent update. Actually, this was an unofficial update that was made to fix out the fluctuation which was being detected by the update of 12th March. 

Actually, the fluctuation still needs to be updated because it has been stabilized yet. The fluctuation can be seen when there is huge traffic on the site. 

But this twist in the late match update, bring up more traffic in some of the sites and resulting in the loss of the traffic and they pushed they are ranked twice the same month.

The Google update of March 2019

Google representatives doesn’t have a good reputation related to the names given by the SEO for the official update. But Google soon gets that it needs to be rectified and they eased up their muscle and gives the update's names as official updates without any use of the names which was snubbed earlier. So it eventually solved the confusion related to the names of an update because a really big lot of users follow the update.

Recovering of sites after the March update :

I am sure that you have at least once realized about the traffic you experience after any update of Google. And yes, this time also with the March update it happened the same. There was traffic and many sites lost their ranking due to the update. Actually, these mishaps happen because the SEO strategies about something which can push the rank in SERP ratings, but it eventually backfires. Then  Google finds some good alternative related to the good content provider.  

But interesting this update come up with good points though then bad points so it can be learned that it actually gave a good push to the ranks of certain good quality of sites.
Also by the update, we get to see some site goods very good push which was very active by creating their own blogs and continuously posting something related to the site. And also such sites got recognition which maintained their good quality of content. 

Update of 1st March 2019: 

In this update of March, we get to know that we are going to see many new changes. But the update turned out to be bigger than what all have thought. Google generally aims to mix products and information that can help in giving better results. Eventually, it was seen that Google come up with the best articles that are being asked by the result.  

February 27th update:

On 22nd of February, it again experienced some tweaks which were fixed in the next update properly. And this advancement proved that it turns out to be some big updates in the coming months.  

The 22nd update of February

This update doesn't turn out to be the best update because initially, it resulted in the spike of certain sites but it again slowed down due to non-maintenance. There was no evident evidence to prove it a nice algorithm update, rather it turned out to be a not so good update. Because it only they were forced to get a new update on the same month only. It was hugely discussed in the SEO forums and several blogs.

February 5th update, 2019:

This update extremely affected some sites, especially from the UK. But it turns out to be an increase in some stats of the site. Some of the critics said that it was very devastating which was made on 5th January. Because it disturbed the whole stats of certain websites.

January 18th update, 2019:

Due to the update of 5th January, it became obvious that they will come up with certain updates. Google released a new document on 16th January, which had some tips and tricks for the news publishers in early 2019.

So these were some of the detailed updates that Google comes up in this year. Hope it will prove out to be more informative so that you can get all the things related to the updates.

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