Google Cancels HUAWEI’s License

 Google Cancels HUAWEI’s License

HUAWEI has become a well growing brand in business smart phone industry and was know at the 2nd position after SAMSUNG before Google cancels HUAWEI’S license. HUAWEI make it own hardware from a material known as HiSilicon .The head industry of HUAWEI is in China and due to some issue with the Government of United States Of America and the most importantly due to the trade war held between China and US ,the Government of USA has BAND the smart phones of HUAWEI and as Google is also an American anjency this why Google cancels HUAWEI’S license .

Reason Behind The Cancelation 

The main reason is the trade war between both countries. If we talk about the economy of China we see a real rapid change in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since 1990. If we talk about the projection of GDP we clearly see a huge difference as Chine percent age is 536% while US percent age is only 61%.

Also if we talk about the sale of HUAWEI , it is way more then the sale of  APPLE  and is ranked 2nd after SAMSUNG , so just  in order to increase the sale of American Smartphone US has band the HUAWEI products an d this is another reason that Google cancels  HUAWEI ‘s license   


The Android System of HUAWEI
Before the cancelation the mobile of HUAWEI were using ANDROID of Google but now they cannot while ANDRIOD is basically an open source Operating System so HUAWEI has to make its own ANDROID SYSTEM but the problem is the there would be no play store and applications related to Google init HUAWEI would have to make their own as they are the property of Google  which is a huge blow for HUAWEI .

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A Backup Plan From HUAWEI

HUAWEI recently announced that HUAWEI has programmed their own operating system which could be an excellent   recovery by HUAWEI so it means that all the upgrades that which would be given would be from HUAWEI not the Google

But even if HUAWEI make its own operating system would it be able to use the application like FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM, TWITTER AND ETC  cause the are also AMERICAN BASE  websites

User that are  using HUAWEI mobile till have no or no issue regarding the cancelation of HUAWEI’s license as  the sanction was not applicable at the time of their lunch so there is no problem for the current user.  But people would experience HUAWEI’s new operating system HONGMENG Os in the latest mobile of HUAWEI 


HONGMENG Operating System 

HONGMENG Os is also a variant of android so it is clear that android APP can easily run on it. There  is another that stacks our mind that how can we download APPs when there is no play store ,this problem was also solved by the of  a company APTOIDE . well it’s not of the same level of play store but still has 9lakh applications in it

Another that HUAWEI is facing is that the technology used in kirin chips is  basically of  ARM which is also an  American based company so if it also bans HUAWEI then it may cause some problem to the company

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