5G Technology. What is 5G?

5G Technology. What is 5G?

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  Read on to learn about 5G Technology. What is 5G?

5G is next generation of wireless. 5G will be the foundation for VR and many more things. But what exactly is the 5G network?

Now some companies plans for 4G to be replaced by 5G. A new faster network that increases the speed of internet. Some big companies like Huawei and Samsung also launch their 5G super fast devices. 5G is just like a microwave but on global scale. China will develop 5G faster then any country. 5G will be a powerful network. It may help government to track your location more accurately. 5G may also be very helpful in daily life

This is modern world the world of technology. We are living in the era or technology. Nowadays we are nothing without technology. We are using technology in every field or life. Technology is advantageous for us but at the same time it has many disadvantages. 5G is new technology coming very soon. China is also working on 5G technology.

5G is a blend of many other technologies. Here arise a question that what is 5G technology? How can we use 5G? 

What is 5G?

Everybody loves speefy internet. 5G is a soft way to find network. You have a better capacity hundred times more then 4G to increase your interest speed.

5 new technologies are emerging as a foundation for 5G
• Millimetre Waves

• Small Cell

• Massive MiMo

• Beamforming

• FullDuplex

For example to download a 3 hours movie on 3G would take about 10 hours on 4G it would take 25 mintues and on 5G you would be ready to watch your film in just 4 seconds. But is is not just about internet capacity that would be upgraded responce time will also be much faster. The 4G network response to our command in 0.045 milli second with 5G it will take around 0.001 milli second. 400% faster then the blink of the eye

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The speed of 5G according to a prediction will be more than 1GB per second. You can enjoy fast downloading and gaming. Gamers faces lag during gameplay and high ping. Gamers want to play smooth and fast gameplay. With 5G gamers can enjoy lag free gaming. This is a good news for gamers

When will we use 5G?

So when could we start using 5G. Well not yet and according to some analysts not in 2020. China will develop 5G faster then any country. 

Disadvantages of 5G

5G Severe many dangerous health risks. The greatest hazards of cellphone use are related to the effects on biochemistry, immune-system respons and DNA replication in humans. Nevertheless current safety guidelines for the massive roll out of 5G are based on a 1996 study of the extent to which a cellphone heated the head of plastic mannequin.

 5G Technology. What is 5G?

The public has never before been exposed to the ultra high electromagnetic frequencies as are used in 5G technology. Over 2,000 international studies show that this type of radiation causes cancer, DNA damage, reduces fertility, and damage neurons in the brain and throughout the body. 

5G causes climate changes

4G has paralyzed the current existing generation and 5G is going to destroy the human civilisation and let the machine and smart devices take over humans beings. 5G is very different wavelength that is more like a microwave oven

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