How to unblock your site in Facebook

How to unblock your site in Facebook
How I unblocked my Site in FB with 100% genuinely & free of cost ?? -
How to unblock your site in Facebook?

Note : It may take more days to unblock your site in fb from block list or spam list.

Read on to learn How to unblock your site in Facebook

This tactics was worked for me . So, I am not ensure that it may be or may not be worked with you.

After a continuous sharing my site's post link in FB, I got blocked by FB.
How to unblock your site in Facebook?

I couldn't share my any post link after that . I searched everywhere and asked every experts (whom I know) . Also did a search in our BF Group and found many ways to resolve this problem.

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Unfortunately, those ways didn't work for me . (You can find those ways here . Do a search)

But from those ways/tactics, I learned many things and found a final way to unblock a blocked domain or site in FB genuinely.

But what's that way ??

After 15 days of site blocking, I shared my post's links in fb & reported to FB for review as like as all do.

I again and again shared my link and reported to fb for the same .

I followed this way for 1 month . And after one month, I got success over FB as my site get unblocked !!

Then what should you do for the same ??

Ans : If you facing this issue in fb, of course you are ,  then just report to fb daily at least once from your fb account for review. Try this method for minimum 1 month (it took me 1 month in my case) and see if it works.

Thanks me later !!  Hope your site will be unblocked soon !! Do let me know if you have any more queries related this by commenting here !! 

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