How to learn Digital Marketing?

How to learn Digital Marketing?

Introduction to digital marketing

This is the course of digiskills digital marketing in which I will teach you what is digital marketing and how can you earn money in the field of freelancing by using digital marketing skills for you and your family. digital marketing is basically the blend of practice and theory

It has total 6 steps


In the step of setting the base I will teach you that

  • what is marketing?
  • what is digital marketing?
  • what is the power of digital marketing?

So we will set up the base in the step number one

Mindest Development

  • Think like a digital marketer
  • Digital marketing language
  • How to manage products with clients

Also know: How to download any video from youtube to mobile gallery

In this will talk about projects which are currently available on freelancing websites.

  • How to acquire projects?
  • How to win?
  • How to negotiate?


This step is an actual skill. In this we will learn software. I will start with social media platform. in which we will learn social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. We will see how to do Marketing on it and what is the dynamic of marketing in social media platform

 Digital Display Advertisement

In this setup we will use Google in marketing and Learn how we can use Google in marketing. How we promote digital marketing with the help of Google and different ways in which Google can help us


In this setup we will learn how to make a blog and how to do digital marketing on it. How to customize a blog how to apply themes on youth how to post on it and how to make it user friendly

Online Lead

In this step we will learn online leads which is basically sales generation and how to posting on different groups which is the most important thing. Post on different groups and posting strategy

Advance Skills

In this step I will give you some advance skills about how to learn Digital Marketing. When you starts the work of freelancing and start earning from it and it would be very easy because these are easy skills. After that skills of this step would help you. In this step we will learn 5 things

  1. E-commerce 
  2. Digital Marketing Plan 
  3. Native Advertisement
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Data Analytic

Theory of Digital Marketing

This is the last step of How to learn Digital Marketing. In this step i will teach you the theory of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is actually a blend of practice and theory

Friends in this course my main aim is not only to teach you the skills of software I want that you to learn standard marketing theory

What is Marketing?

How to learn Marketing?

I will teach you how to learn Digital Marketing by using daily life examples. I will try to tell that what actually the Marketing is? Lets come I will give you a example you need to think about it. You are sitting in your house suddenly the phone call rings. You pick up the call. On the other side a woman is talking. The women said that I belongs to a insurance company and it you sign up our package today then we will give you and your family 20% off.

My question is that is the women is doing a marketing job?

2nd example and very interesting. You go to a mall or Bazar a person is selling something for RS 20 RS 30. And they also offer you that buy one get one free. Again my question is that person is doing a marketing job?

If the answer of these two questions is Yes for you then you are 100% correct. These both are doing the job of marketing. But except that marketing is also a lot.

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  1. All of the details are absolutely amazing! I also have been using the high quality Twitter and facebook ad management services for my blog and the results are very good but I will definitely admit that digital marketing is not limited to only these 2 platforms. There are many more options but most of them will take time to show you desired results whereas these two provide quick outcome.

    1. Thanks. i am working to write a full course of digital marketing stay tuned for more.

  2. Good to see that kind of information I like it and I really appreciate the way you explain. let explore the best series of the blog here.